The vast province of Guanacaste is located in the North West of Costa Rica. It is the largest province in the country, and home to several national parks, volcanoes, interesting and unique local culture and some of the most amazing beaches in Costa Rica. Some highlights are the Nicoya Peninsula, Samara Beach, Nosara, Carrillo, Palo Verde National Park, Barra Honda National Park and much more. The small old part of the town of Nicoya as well as the small villages in the outskirts are also worth a visit while visiting us.

Guanacaste Costa Rica

Guanacaste beaches


Guanacaste is considered the most important tourist destination in Costa Rica. The province has diverse attractions that include beach, mountains, rivers, lakes and forests, which have been highlighted in many occasions by magazines, websites, commercials and programs, both national and international television channels. National and foreign tourism is attracted by the opportunity to carry out activities that invite you to relax, forget about stress and enjoy, as well as practice water sports, extreme sports, hiking and observation of biodiversity. Some activities include dolphin tour, surfing, national parks, trekking, mountain biking, relaxing on the beach, scuba diving, snorkeling, sport fishing and so much more.


Charming friendly people

Guanacaste is one of the most striking regions of the country for its folklore and color, with diverse cultural aspects that have resulted from the mixture of traditions originating from the Mesoamerican indigenous people who populated the area, added to the cultural heritage of the Spanish, Creole and Africans since colonial times.


Hotel Giada Reviews

2017-04-05 • Lovely hotel, well priced • We were located on the main floor with a sitting area that faced the pool. LOVED that spot. Restaurant was very good. Staff were friendly and helpful. Would highly recommend. • Liked everything. 2017-12-28 • Best Hotel according to location! Great time at Giada Hotel! • One of the best hotels in Samara! I have been here many times either with family of friends and will keep coming! Nice pool with jacuzzi, great breakfast, friendly staff. Don't miss the cocktails 2x1 from 4 to 6!!!


Hotel Giada History

Giada is a name born out of gratitude to Giovanni and Ada, 2 people who in 1992 helped and supported the romantic and visionary dream of the current and only owner, in the epic construction of the 1st stage of the hotel in Samara they had only few houses, the majority of fishermen, there was no paved road, there was no business, no radio or TV signals. The nearest stores and hardware stores were in Nicoya, 37 km road in poor condition. Sometimes, in the rainy season, due to the impossibility of crossing the rivers, you could not get to Nicoya, place of supply of building materials, food, practically everything. However, with patience and perseverance, in December 1993 the Hotel was opened. Since then, a good part of the hotel's income has been continuously reinvested in constant improvements and, finally, in 2004, with the help of a new partner, there was an increase from 13 to 24 rooms with all the services and amenities required in our times , and last with an excellent wi-fi signal throughout the structure. We thank all our customers and our suppliers who have believed and supported our growth at any time and who now allow us to be a small but dynamic company whose goal is to constantly improve the quality of the stay of our valued guests.



Opinión escrita 6 agosto 2017 Best restaurant in Samara An excellent place for dinner in Samara. We've been to Samara twice for a total of 35 nights. Of those, we spent at least a dozen evenings having dinner here. Without doubt our favourite restaurant We are returning in 2018 and we're looking forward to visiting your wonderful restaurant again. Di mare Di vino Opinión escrita 17 diciembre 2017 Great Variety and Service We stayed at hotel Giada, first day's we went to other places to try different restaurants, this one though was the best samara had to offer us. It's menu include Italian & Costa Rican typical food, also they offer fresh fish, probably fished by the locals, service is great, staff is fully Costa Rican. RECOMMENDED Di mare Di vino